Dear Momma, Can you Hear Me?

Dear Momma,

Can you Hear Me?

Today our hearts will tug and bleed a little, this day, the Mothers we celebrate you. At sunrise I will begin swimming in the ocean of memories that don’t exist between us and feel waves of sorrow on events you missed. But then with weak hands, I will shift. I will wipe the tears from my face and breathe in from the inner source of strength that has been built, by the scars born in the last chapter of your life. Because what you taught me was love, unconditional love.

I am not allowed to take this memory anymore and use it as a blanket of excuses to shut myself down. This love, the love of all loves, was given as a gift through you, to me. Today I will ask myself how I can open myself more in this love, let something greater work through me. Today I will gracefully deal all the pictures of you out to every corner of my brain, request my eyes to close and petition to see only through the lenses of my heart. All the magic you are and what you have given to me unfolds and all I can do is fall to my knees from the weight of gratitude that consumes me.  I will drink this compassion and hydrate this evolving heart of mine so it can nourish the garden of lessons you gave to me, before and after our goodbye.

Dear Momma, I know you can hear me. This love, the love of all loves, will never be broken.


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