Kiss the Spaces In Between

There is a restless brew inside me, stirring like a gang of paroled leaves in a dark alley on an autumn night. It’s mysterious here, the sound of energy crackles like a fire and the sharpness of the wind raises each hair on my body.  Where there once was panic, now bears fruit of wisdom.

Like some type of attention disorder, once things become calm and the lights start to dim every single nerve in my body would straddle a pogo stick and dance. There is a vacation from projects and check marks are left justified next to everything on my to-do list. It’s a break, a dead zone of activity. Instead of relaxing, my anxiety grows and fear unearths itself from the depths of my core.  Question after question begin marching in line running from my stomach, through my heart and straight to my brain. Mostly standing in single file, they begin to grow impatient. Waiting to reach the great and powerful Oz of my brain to be addressed and released. What do I do next? Where do I have to go? How will I change in the new year? Am I doing enough?

I’ll go do yoga, that’s the cure. But silly me, the dead spaces are waiting for me on the mat as well. You master one solid pose, then the questions start fighting for a spot to line up again. “How long are we going to stay in this pose?” “Come on, isn’t everyone done with this one?”Blank-Space-

What is the cure to escape this parking lot of madness? I could follow the masses and pick a crutch to carry me through the dead spaces in life. I could drench my heart in wine or even collapse in a blissful slumber hoping to wake when it’s over. But I am hungry for more. I want an answer to what is really happening in those dead spaces and why should I avoid them?

The answer is I consumed the space as a problem, when in fact it is the most lustrous gift peeking out from under the tree of life I may have overlooked. The brew is just a sign, blinking seductively in red. It’s source is merely the life force within you being plugged in for power. Like an arrow being stretched back, this pull is the very time and space that will launch you forward into something great. I can embrace the flashing light as a sign, but it would be silly not to surrender to this moment first and grab the opportunity to simply lather in the stretch.

I need no textbook when I remind myself I’ve been given the most valuable resource & education for free, nature. Don’t be blind or deaf to this rich river of knowledge that screams with a megaphone day in and day out with everything you need to know. Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished. Every snail goes at its own pace and every tree makes its journey to the sky. So why the rush? Have you analyzed this space before? Eckhart Tolle said in that space between thinking, lies the awakening. There is a reason why it was left blank. The journey usually trumps the destination every time.

So within the eerie calmness of New Year’s Eve, may you bow in gratitude to that stir, the brew inside you. It is pushing you to peek around the corner and gaze into 2013 with hope and desire of new creations.  Yet before you blow the horn and raise a glass listen hard, shut off the questions and just be.  The reward is priceless to what lies in the spaces in between.

Luv&light, we are one


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