When Yoga Pisses You Off

The thought of the mat irritates me. The idea I have to Zen somehow feels like a chore and I suddenly want to just pour a margarita into a glass and sip slowly instead.  The mat is in the corner, against the dresser collecting dust. The cats are excited however, they have a new scratching post.

There were days when I didn’t want to “do” yoga either. It’s because I am human, I am not perfect and I am on my own journey just like you. You have two choices on days and times like this. I will admit I have chosen both. There’s one guess as to which has taken me farther. Option one, you say screw it and pour the margarita and nothing truly becomes productive after that. I am not giving you permission for the margarita, although if you go this route please use a high end tequila, let’s not make the situation worse. Option number two, you say screw it and you roll out the mat.

 Option number two is truly what I do advocate, so the deeper question remains why and what are you truly avoiding? “The voice in your head that says you can’t do it is a liar”.  This I know. You can do whatever you want to do.

Yoga was a “Zen” thing you did but now you’ve made it into the sport of wrestling. There’s no other human opponent, you’re wrestling with fear and judgment. Especially if you are a new yogi you have already started wrestling with the postures and now you’re tango dancing with judging yourself in the process. Then fear comes on stage, uninvited, and the games are in full force.

Our yoga practice and really any “insert activity here” that evoke frustration and fear are only product emotions of challenges. So THE TRUTH IS:

  1. Identify it. Call it out! Raise your consciousness and identify the bigger picture. It’s not just about you being tired or any other excuse you have prepared.
  2. Be Kind to Yourself. Have you ever noticed when a friend may cast judgment on themselves and we are the first to jump in to correct them and build them back up? But somehow we always seem to be the last to tell ourselves to ease the throttle a bit on our own judgment. Where’s the love?
  3. Let Go. These are just thoughts and emotions. And it’s ok. They come, they pass and we must learn to let them go and face the challenge. The simple act of avoiding ends up a painful and annoying ghost that just plain sucks. When we opt out of challenges we are closing the door to growth. So take all those emotions, open the window and send them on their way. These emotions are actually gifts but ones you need not hold on to. So feel free to drop kick them after a quick kiss of love to ensure their exit is successful. 
  4. Stay Calm, Keep Moving. Return to the mat. The mat itself never judges you, doesn’t care what you are wearing or that you just ignored it for a couple weeks. All it cares is that you show up. So come, sit down, face the mirror, confess and keep moving.

Once you’ve cleared your mind, the body will follow. Each muscle will relax and become unguarded.  Stop looking through your eyes and start looking from the heart and surrender. And don’t forget to buy your cat a new scratching post tomorrow because this one is yours.

Luv&light, we are one.


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