Welcome, to the Land of Oz

I love The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy searched far and wide for familiarity & ability. Along the way she met some friends searching themselves for various things.  The common theme was they were all individuals looking outside themselves for the answers or things they thought they lacked.  Just like any journey, she gained experiences and came across obstacles. But in the end she discovered the true lesson. She had the power all along to do what she wanted to do. She didn’t need a magical wizard, all she had to do was close her eyes and look inside herself. Of course the movie was laced with beautiful objects like red slippers and amazing characters but there was a meaning interwoven that just plain says it all.

You are in Oz right now.

I am sure you have made friends and bonded with people seeking all kinds of things like more education ( a brain), a new girlfriend (a heart) and the courage to become something else (balls). I am sure you have come across bad days when it seemed like the trees were trying to grab you or you could have sworn your boss was a flying monkey after you. She very well might be but remember that’s her karma. The point is, the monkeys and the trees will never go away and chasing your tail like a lion after desires aren’t really going to quench your thirst for happiness. If you like shoving a pacifier into a mouth that’s always hungry you’ve sadly fallen into a pattern of everyone else in our society.

The world is changing. This is a beautiful place but we have built some severely disturbing systems in regards to our food, health and what we have designed, labeled and packaged as happiness. The time to honor ourselves and live better than this is now. How to change this starts with you, raising your consciousness to the next level and tapping into the peace, love and life force that is within you. The power to do it isn’t kept up high on a mountain top locked away either. The source is so much closer. 

Stay in Oz or ignite.

I welcome you to ignite the fire that is within you. I invite you to take every tool in the box to not only spark it, but to start a blaze like no other. Are you ready to get off the wheel?

You can start with this blog, you can start at my class, you can attend my meditation group or you can start wherever you want to start. THE TRUTH IS: Go wherever you want to go, but it’s time to ask yourself if the direction you’re going is in a circle or if you’re ready to live your truth. 

My tools, my tips, my love, my gratitude is yours. I am not your average fairy yogi, I am here to redefine the word rebellious and serve it plain raw. The great and powerful Oz even admits, I am not giving you anything you don’t already have. But that is the secret isn’t it? The secret that keeps you on the wheel. 

Luv&light, we are one


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